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When you are coming back from work and find the laundry you hanged outside on the rope getting soaked under the rain – in case you have a rope –  this is the time to call one of our professional who will fix your dryer.

Dryers can dry clothes and several other items quickly. As such, having this particular appliance in your home is important. Unfortunately, you can experience a trying and frustrating time if a dryer-related problem occurs, especially if you and your entire household are dependent on this particular laundry room convenience. In addition, you will probably incur significantly higher energy bills if you continue to run your dryer even when it is not operating efficiently. Dryers are known to be energy hungry appliances. As such, running a dryer that is not in top shape can prove quite costly. call to Washer Repair Redmond (206) 686-4688.

types of dryer we fix in Redmond repair

Dryers comprise of a rotating drum known as a tumbler. The tumbler works by circulating hot air through every item placed in the dryer, resulting in the evaporation of moisture. This process produces humid air, which is then pushed out of the house through your ventilation system to create room for dry air, speeding up the drying process. As a professional dryer & washer repair in Redmond, Washington, we can fix two major types of dryers, and these are:
Electric Dryers: Apart from costing a little bit less up front, electric dryers are easier and a lot less expensive to install than gas dryers. In addition, the exhaust requirements are so minimal that steam venting is sufficient.

Gas Dryers: Compared to their electric counterparts, dryers that operate on propane or natural gas cost a little bit more up front. However, running this type of dryer over its lifetime will cost a lot less than running an electric dryer. In addition, gas dryers require specialized venting.

Depending on the type of dryer or washer you have installed in your home, our professional dryer & washer repair in Redmond, Washington will diagnose the problem quickly and present a viable solution for the issue, which is why you should trust your dryer/washer repair services to us. call to Redmond appliance repair (206) 686-4688.CLEAN

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Common dryer or washer issues
You might have noticed that your dryer is not performing as it should or you are having problems with your washer. Regardless of whether the issue requires minor or major repairs, Seattle Sub Zero is a professional dryer & washer repair in Redmond, Washington capable of providing the services necessary to whip your faulty laundry room appliance back into shape. You should, therefore, call our professional dryer & washer repair in Redmond, Washington for a scheduled repair service if you are experiencing any of the following issues:

You cannot run your dryer: Checking to see whether your dryer is unplugged or a circuit breaker has been tripped should be the very first things you do if you cannot start your dryer or it just won’t work. However, the issue might be due to a broken start switch, bad thermostat, or damaged terminal block.

Your dryer is not producing any heat: If your dryer’s drum is spinning, but the appliance is not producing any heat, a bad temperature switch, fuse, thermostat, or defective heating coils could be to blame.

If the drum does not spin: If your dryer’s drum does not spin even though the motor is running in an effective manner, the most likely cause is a broken belt. However, the same issue might result from a faulty motor, bad idler pulley, or defective roller.

Your dryer gets too hot: You should address a dryer that gets too hot as soon as humanly possible since it poses a potentially dangerous situation. Faulty heating coils, clogged vents, and a bad thermostat are some of the things capable of causing this threat. Unfortunately, this particular issue will require the attention of a professional dryer & washer repair in Redmond, Washington.

Dryer or washer replacement parts – available now – Washer Repair Redmond
Thanks to a highly qualified staff and high-quality replacement parts, our professional dryer & washer repair in Redmond, Washington has the capability and knowledge to replace almost any part that needs replacing regardless of the brand, type, or model of your laundry appliance. As a professional dryer & washer repair in Redmond, Washington, we provide replacements for a wide variety of parts including:
• Switches
• Temperature switches
• Timers
• Heating coils
• Thermostats
• Fuses
• Motors
• Rollers
• Belts
• Idler pulleys

Washer Repair Redmond

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By scheduling regular repair and maintenance services with a professional dryer & washer repair Redmond, Washington, you can prevent inconveniencing breakdowns, avoid safety issues, and keep your energy bills low. Our dedicated and family-friendly technicians can handle all your dryer repair and maintenance requirements quickly and efficiently.

If you need expert dryer / washer repair services, make sure you call Seattle Sub Zero Repair Company on (206) 686-4688. If you need any appliance-related service, we have you covered. call Washer Repair Redmond


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