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Our comprehensive services in Appliances Repair Redmond WA include:

All-brand repairs
Regardless of the type or magnitude of your problem, you can count on our professional and experienced technicians to whip your malfunctioning piece of equipment back into tip-top shape. Apart from having the ability to service and repair every major home appliance irrespective of how old or complicated it is, we will also fix your unit regardless of where it was purchased. In addition to having all the parts and equipment necessary to repair any type, brand, or model quickly and efficiently, our entire staff is licensed, insured, and highly skilled to ensure our clients get the best services for their appliances. Appliances Repair Redmond WA ready at your call.

Appliances Repair Redmond WA

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Guarantee on parts and labor
As a professional appliances repair in Redmond, Washington, we strive to give every client peace of mind by offering a warranty on labor and parts. Seeing as it is one of our primary objectives, we guarantee complete customer satisfaction to all our clients. Apart from backing our labor and parts with a 1-year warranty, we will also save you a lot of money now and in the future by providing effective repair services. If the exact part replaced in a particular appliance happens to malfunction within a year of installation, we will come back and replace it at no extra cost. We promise to do a good job and provide services that are worth your money.

appliances repair in Redmond WA


No hidden charges
As an honest appliances repair in Redmond, Washington, we won’t take advantage of you while you are in a crisis. As such, we will give you a free estimate over the phone. To avoid the possibility of unpleasant surprises upon the completion of an appliance repair job, we offer upfront quotes and flat-rate pricing. Before they begin work on your home appliances, our technicians will provide you with an in-depth explanation regarding the repairs necessary and cost of labor. At Seattle Sub Zero Repair Company, we charge by the job and not by the hour. Additionally, we do not charge our customers for overtime even when completing a job takes longer than expected. As such, there are no hidden costs to the fees billed for work done. When it comes to costing, every change has to be explained in detail and agreed upon by both parties.

Fast and effective services
Because time is valuable and virtually priceless, obtaining the assistance of a professional appliances repair in Redmond, Washington as soon as humanly possible is important, and this is why we strive to provide fast and effective repair and maintenance services. As a competent company, our staff comprises of courteous, prompt, and professional technicians to ensure we do not disrupt your busy days. Furthermore, our technical staff will never leave a mess behind once done repairing your home appliances. We are committed to leaving the homes of all our customers as clean as possible.

Same day repair services
At Seattle Sub Zero Repair Company, we take pride in our ability to provide same day services while doing the best to ensure optimal appliance performances minus recurring problems. As a customer in need of repair services, you would most likely appreciate a quick solution since the more your issue remains unresolved, the more you stand to lose. As such, you should hire a company that has a reputation of ensuring 100% customer satisfaction and offers same day repair services. You can get your appliance repaired today since we provide same day repair services. Appliances Repair Redmond WA call now.

24/7 availability
Because your home appliances can break down over the weekend, during a holiday, or after hours, you should opt for a reliable appliances repair in Redmond, Washington, one that is available and open 24 hours every day. Regardless of time or day, we are always available to provide quick solutions for your broken appliances. As such, we do not charge extra during holidays or weekends. If you need assistance with any of your home appliances, get in touch with us whenever you can. Since 100% customer satisfaction is our company motto, we promise to send you all the help necessary. In addition to being available 24 hours of every day, we also have a short response time and can reach your premises regardless of location or terrain.

Flexible scheduling
Our scheduling is flexible because we know your time is valuable. Our technicians will, therefore, work around your schedule and not the other way around. We are okay with whatever time you would want us to show up, whether it is in the morning or afternoon. Also, our professional technicians will advise you on whether you should go for repair or replacement, depending on the state of your appliance. In some cases, repairing might not be worth your while.

Highly qualified, experienced, and certified technicians
As a reputable appliances repair in Redmond, Washington, our technical staff has the knowledge, experience, equipment, and ability to repair every brand, model, or type of home appliance currently available in the market. As certified professionals, every member of our staff has the communication and people skills necessary to handle the different personalities they will most likely encounter in their line of work.

Reasonable and competitive pricing
As a homeowner, you may as well go for a new appliance if the cost of repairing the faulty one is too high. To avoid such a costly outcome, we offer high-quality repair and maintenance services at reasonable and competitive prices.

Certified and insured
As a client, you will only be compensated for the damages you incur due to a hired technician’s fault while performing repair services on your fridge if that particular appliance is insured. As a certified and insured repair service provider, we have cover against damages caused by our staff.

Excellent follow-up services
To ensure complete customers satisfaction, we keep in touch with all our clients. We also go the extra mile, providing a solution for every problem that arises after our repair services on an appliance.

Home appliance repair services
Our fully trained, experienced, well-equipped, and certified technicians have the expertise to repair appliances of all makes and models including:
• Refrigerators
• Freezers and ice makers
• Stoves
• Washers and dryers
• Dishwashers
• Microwaves
• Electric or gas ovens and cooktops

Appliances Repair Redmond WA

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